The pansexual pride hat is joining our asexual pride hat in our collection of pride-themed hats in the Etsy Shop

(If you have any requests for other pride-flag inspired hats to show up in the shop, please let me know!)


Super cute pink pink pink hat with little deer button. I’ll be making another version with a yellow deer button on it shortly. I just can’t handle how CUTE they are.

Get yours here!

Pretty pleased with how this recent hat commission turned out!

Halloween giveaway!

Every purchase made in my Etsy shop starting from today (10/16/14) to Halloween will include one Halloween-themed extra. It is a surprise, so you won’t know what you’ll get until you get your package, but the content of the original order will be taken into account.

(For example: if you order rat hammocks for your pet rats, you have a higher likelihood of getting a Halloween-themed rat hammock. If you do not order pet supplies, you will not get any Halloween themed pet supplies, etc.)

Please pass this around and share it and take a look at my shop here!


This Skeleton Ballerina hat is one of a kind! Pick it up for a super cute Halloween accessory! 

Little Red Riding Rabbit rat hammock!

*struggles to say aloud*

V. cute new Chococat print small animal hammock!

We have a veritable ton of different hammock prints for rats and ferrets (and other small animals) now available in the shop. Mix and match!


Introducing the asexual pride slouchy hat, available in my Etsy store!